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白井 樹 しらい たつき

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「写真の日」記念写真展 2015(日本写真協会)ヤングフォト賞

Tatsuki Shirai

( Instagram: tatsuki.88)

A photographer, born in Chiba prefecture, Japan, in 1988.

He studied Cultural Anthropology at Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo,

and stayed in the Eastern Himalayan state, Sikkim (India), for one and half years as his fieldwork.

After completing a one-year course at Institute of Contemporary Photography in Tokyo, he lived in Thailand for 2 years and photographed local people's daily life, landscape, and especially Karen people of a village in the highest mountain Doi Inthanon, where he keeps visiting.

He has been studying in the course of MA Visual Anthropology at the University of Manchester since September 2018.

Based on travels and long-term stays where he interacts with local people and landscape, his works are related to memory, silence and sense, in order to explore possibilities of being of the world.   


Young Photo Award, Photo Exhibition in Commemoration of “Day of Photography” 2015, The Photographic Society of Japan.

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