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Tatsuki Shirai

A Japanese filmmaker/photographer, born in Chiba (Japan).

He studied Cultural Anthropology at Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo)

and conducted fieldwork in Sikkim, the Eastern Himalayan Indian state, for one and half years.

After completing a one-year course at Institute of Contemporary Photography in Tokyo, he lived in Thailand for 2 years and photographed local people's everday life, landscapes, and especially Karen people of a village located in the highest mountain called Doi Inthanon in Chiang Mai province.

In 2019, he completed his masters in Visual Anthropology at the University of Manchester with his short documentary film, "TEUGA" (Seedlings), shot in the Karen village.

His current interests center around the lived experience and aesthetics of everyday life and landscape as well as the potential creative intersection of art and anthropology.

[Selected Awards, Exhibitions and Events]

2021 Recommended to and joined VdR-Market, Vision du Réel (documentary film TEUGA)

2019 A Journey of Recalling, a contribution of a poem and photos to "MELE Archipelago: : Homage to Ștefan Baciu for the Poet’s Centennial Annversary."

2019 Through the Looking Glass, a group exhibition and screening (The University of Manchester).

2017 Anthro-Film Laboratory 28 "Anthropology in the Era of Digital Media" , a talk event (Kyoto City University of Arts under the project "Situation Design").

2015 Gengen 8, a group photo exhibition (Institute of Contemporary Photography).

2015 Young Photo Award, Photo Exhibition in Commemoration of “Day of Photography” 2015 (The Photographic Society of Japan).

2014 Toboguch, a group photo exhibition (Chiba branch of Japan Realist Photographers Association).

白井 樹 しらい たつき









2015年 グループ写真展「Genken 8」(現代写真研究所本科修了展)参加

2017年 Anthro-Film Laboratory 28「デジタルメディア時代の映像人類学」(京都市立芸大主催、拡張された場におけるアートマネジメン人材育成事業『状況のアーキテクチャ』)登壇

2019年 グループ展示・上映会「Through the Looking Glass」参加(マンチェスター大学映像人類学修士修了展)

2019年 『MELE Archipelago: : Homage to Ștefan Baciu for the Poet’s Centennial Annversary』に詩と写真『追憶の旅』を寄稿

2021年 ニヨン国際ドキュメンタリー映画祭2021 VdR-Market推薦・参加作品

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